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ProxyFish Now Offering VPS for RuneScape Botting via VPSFish!


ProxyFish has been getting lots of requests by their valued customers to expand and offer Virtual Private Servers that are as top-quality as the proxies they provide. Because of this, ProxyFish could not ignore the requests and has launched a new service named VPSFish for their clients! Check out VPSFish and take a look at their different VPS options. They have East-Coast USA server as well as European VPS servers for their customers overseas. Choose any location from their table of servers and get your Linux VPS up and running in no time!

Since ProxyFish puts a big emphasis on RuneScape botting with their proxies, it’s no surprise that their VPSFish servers can be purchased with RuneScape botting software already installed and setup on the VPS to use Proxyfish proxies. Although Linux may scare some potential users, VPSFish uses a custom Debian-based Linux with a custom GUI to make the user-interface as familiar to Windows users as possible. It may take some time to get used to Linux botting, but the 2-3x more RuneScape farming profits should be well worth it to most VPSFish users.

To get a nice little discount on your first VPSFish Virtual Private Server, use the button below to unlock a 10% Off Promo Code and open the VPSFish website.

More About VPSFish Virtual Private Servers for RuneScape Botting

What is a VPS?

A virtual Private Server, or VPS, is a remote computer that is online and accessible to you 24 hour a day 7 days a week. You can login to the remote server and use it as if you were sitting right in front of the screen at a desk. Because a VPS stays online and stable all the time it makes running RuneScape bots very easy and much better than running them at home. You will also extend the life of your home computer by not straining it running bots 24/7, plus your electricity can even be cheaper by being able to off your computer when not using it.

Why Do I Need a VPS?

a VPS is generally much more powerful than a home computer and runs on much faster internet. Rather than running a few bots on different computers in your home, which raises the electricity bill and heats your house up, you can run dozens of bots on one VPS. If you max out you VPS, have it upgraded rather than buying another junk computer to find a spot for in the house. Use RuneScape bots to make money to pay for the VPS, plus extra!

Do I Still Need Proxies with a VPS?

You will definitely still need to run all your RuneScape bots through proxies so they all have different IP addresses. RuneScape noticed when more than one account is running from the same IP address, and if they see any shady behavior all the accounts on that IP address will be punished. So even though a VPS makes your bots faster, more stable, and more numerous – you will still need proxies for your bots. Get a 10% Promo on ProxyFish proxies here.

Is it Actually Easy to Use?

VPSFish has the option to have RuneScape botting software installed upon purchase of their servers, and if selected everything will be set up for you. Once your VPSFish server is ready, you will login to a nice desktop that’s easy to use and has the RuneScape bot of your choice ready to go. VPSFish makes RuneScape botting easy!

Go check out VPSFish – the website is!