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Best Open/Public Proxy Scrapers

For those not able to afford premium private proxies, or access to a checked and updated public proxy list, finding free proxies from lists on Google is the next best thing. However, Copying and Pasting lists of proxies manually can be tedious and quite repetitive after week or months of doing it.

It’s a good thing we have multiple free and paid Proxy Scrapers available on the web for us to use! Most of below apps perform the same task of gathering proxies from URL lists and checking them against proxy judges. Some proxy scrapers have more advanced settings than others, some are faster than others, and some are more thorough.

The Top Apps for Scraping Open/Public Proxies


ScrapeBox is a fully-featured SEO software application, but some might call it spamming software depending on how they’ve seen it used. ScrapeBox can scrape almost any data from any website, including Search Engine Result Positions (SERPs) from Google and Yahoo/Bing Search. Plus, it can even post comments on many websites built with popular blog/CMS software like WordPress, Joomla, or Drupal. However, perhaps one of the most used features of ScrapeBox is the built in Proxy Scraper and Checker meant to find proxies for ScrapeBox to use when scraping SERPs or posting comments. The ScrapeBox proxy scraper is pretty basic in terms of settings and features, but it does work well!

ScrapeBox Proxy Scraping Features:

Custom Scrape Sources, Proxy Checking


No Hands Proxies

No Hands Proxies is a favorite of mine for being a simple yet fully automated proxy scraper and checker. It can check proxies against multiple user defined websites and save them according to proxy protocols and anonymity levels, it can even push the saved proxy lists to email or FTP!. I’ve used No Hands Proxies many times and was always happy with the no-fuss proxy lists it scraped and checked for me 24/7 – the price is lower than many other Proxy Scrapers that perform the same or less functions.

No Hands Proxies Proxy Scraping Features:

Custom Scrape Sources, Fully Automated, Lifetime License, Proxy Checking, Remote Saving, Set Browser Proxy

Price: $57.00

GSA Proxy Scraper

GSA Proxy Scraper is often used in tandem with it’s sister app GSA Search Engine Ranker but recently it’s been gaining ground as a standalone app for anyone needing to self-manage their own public proxy list. Not only does GSA Scrape and Check proxies, it can also harvest brand new proxies via port scanning which is a feature many Proxy Scrapers do not have. Another stand-out feature of GSA Proxy Scrape is it’s ability to push saved proxy lists to email, FTP but also the web via POST/GET.

GSA Proxy Scraper Proxy Scraping Features:

Custom Scrape Sources, Fully Automated, Lifetime License, Proxy Checking, Proxy Harvesting, Remote Saving

Price: $97.00

Forum Proxy Leecher

Forum Proxy Leecher is a proxy scraper that specializes in scraping proxies from forums and forum attachments, but it can scrape proxies from most blogs and websites just as well. There is a free version as well as a premium version but the free version is limited to scraping just one source at a time..

Forum Proxy Leecher Proxy Scraping Features:

Price: Free/$95.50

Gather Proxy

Gather Proxy is by far the cheapest of the premium proxy scrapers listed here. It scrapes proxies, checks proxies, and filters proxies – pretty much the bare minimum when it comes to Proxy Scraper apps. There is a free version that has many of it’s automatic scraping/checking features disabled, but it’s cheap in order to unlock those for life by going premium!

Gather Proxy Proxy Scraping Features:

Proxy Checking, Custom Scrape Sources, Poxy Blacklist, Lifetime License

Price: Free/$19.95

Proxy Multiply

Proxy Multiply has been around for a while, many people still use it. Proxy Multiply made a name for itself by using proxies to search google for more proxies rather than traditional harvesting of proxies via port scanning – good for anyone looking to harvest new proxies without possibly infringing on the law.

Proxy Multiply Proxy Scraping Features:

Custom Scrape Sources, Fully Automated, Lifetime License, Proxy Checking, Proxy Harvesting, Set Browser Proxy

Price: $59.90

Other Proxy Scrapers:

+A Proxy Finder – Another personal favorite of mine when it comes to Free Proxy Scrapers, but since their website is gone the future looks bleak. It’s still available at download sites and free to use though. Pro Tip: Manually edit the .ini files for finer tuning and make them read-only to not have changes overwritten.

Charon – Outdated and no longer maintained, but still available and widely used.

Proxy Goblin – Now Defunct, website is gone and there is no way to purchase it.