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10 Large Quantity Proxy Providers for 1000+ Proxy Plans

Most proxy providers only offer large proxy packages of just a few hundred proxies. Here’s a list of Proxy Providers that have large-quantity proxy plans of 1,000 proxies or more!

10 Large Quantity Private Proxy Plans

The large-quantity proxy services found below are all private proxy services – there are no proxy lists of open/public proxy providers in the table.

Mass-Quantity Proxy Providers Table:

ProviderWebsiteLargest QuantityStarting PriceProtocol
[table-cell id=40 cell=B5 /][table-cell id=40 cell=B6 /][table-cell id=40 cell=B27 /]$49,999.99Backconnect (Http/Socks)
[table-cell id=34 cell=B5 /][table-cell id=34 cell=B6 /][table-cell id=34 cell=B27 /]$2,500Http/Socks
[table-cell id=26 cell=B5 /][table-cell id=26 cell=B6 /][table-cell id=26 cell=B27 /]$2,500Http
[table-cell id=9 cell=B5 /][table-cell id=9 cell=B6 /][table-cell id=9 cell=B27 /]$2,500Http/Socks
[table-cell id=37 cell=B5 /][table-cell id=37 cell=B6 /][table-cell id=37 cell=B27 /]$1,750Http/Socks
[table-cell id=28 cell=B5 /][table-cell id=28 cell=B6 /][table-cell id=28 cell=B27 /]$1,280Http
[table-cell id=2 cell=B5 /][table-cell id=2 cell=B6 /][table-cell id=2 cell=B27 /]$650Http
[table-cell id=8 cell=B5 /][table-cell id=8 cell=B6 /][table-cell id=8 cell=B27 /]$850Http/Socks
[table-cell id=27 cell=B5 /][table-cell id=27 cell=B6 /][table-cell id=27 cell=B27 /]$710Http
[table-cell id=36 cell=B5 /][table-cell id=36 cell=B6 /][table-cell id=36 cell=B27 /]$1,000Http

Large Quantity Proxy Providers Note:

Some of the above Mass-Quantity Proxy providers, along with some not listed, might have bigger proxy plans than what is listed on their websites but you must contact the proxy provider for the custom plan to be set up.