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How to Use Proxies

Proxies seem pretty complicated but in reality they are simple to use. Most major web-browsers support the use of a proxy, as well as many other internet-based applications from internet-messaging apps to BitTorrent apps. There are even applications known as “proxifiers” that will allow you to use a proxy with software that doesn’t support proxies natively. Most software that has native proxy support will only support the use of one proxy at a time, however, there are also proxifier apps that allow you to use whole lists of proxies by either alternating use of the different proxies or by using different proxies for certain software applications. First off, if you don’t know what a proxy is then you should probably read this article. But, to put it simply, a proxy server is just a remote computer that allows you to route certain internet traffic of yours through it. Proxies are different from VPNs because they only put specific software behind a proxy and not your…

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