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What is a Proxifier?

Some programs and software don’t have native support for Socks4/5 proxies, some don’t have HTTP or HTTPS Support, and some don’t even have support for any type of proxies! That simply wouldn’t do for some internet users. Proxifiers are software that were made specifically to route internet traffic from certain applications without proxy support through proxy servers and proxy chains. However, some times a proxifier is used to monitor traffic and proxies, so even applications that have native proxy support will be “proxified” via a proxifier regardless of the native proxy support. So, What Exactly is a Proxifier? Wikipedia has this to say regarding Proxifiers: A proxifier is a software program which can make other programs pass through a proxy server by intercepting and modifying their network requests Basically, when a proxifier is installed, you make ‘rules’ for certain programs using their .exe executable file and set proxies that will be used with those rules. Any time a program starts the proxifier checks it’s rules…

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