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What’s the Difference Between Shared and Dedicated Proxies?

To understand the differences between a shared proxy and a dedicated proxy, it must be clear what a proxy actually is. It will suffice to say that a proxy is basically a computer that allows other computers to make relayed, or indirect, network connections to other computers without a direct connection between the two. When a proxy client connects to a proxy server, it requests a connection, information, a file, or another resource, that is available on a different server. The proxy server then provides the client-requested resource by either connecting to the specified website, server, or even by serving it directly from a previously collected cache.

So – What Exactly is the Difference Between Shared and Dedicated Proxies?

What is a Shared Proxy?

Shared proxies are proxies that are shared by many people/customers all using the same IP address.

Shared Proxy PROs
  • The main advantage of shared proxies is a lower price. (Because the total cost of upkeep/maintenance is spread between many other proxy server clients, the proxy provider will sell them cheaper.)
Shared Proxy CONs
  • One disadvantage to shared proxies is the slow speed during peak hours and with popular websites… (Since most people generally use the internet and access the same websites around the same time, they will naturally be slowed down because of use.)
  • The main disadvantage of shared proxies is the higher possibility of an IP address being blacklisted by Google or some other site. (Getting blacklisted can happen because you or another shared proxy user using the same IP address have been abusive or malicious.)

What is a Dedicated Proxy?

A Dedicated proxy is a dedicated proxy and IP Address that is exclusive to one person/customer.

Dedicated Proxy PROs
  • The main advantage of a dedicated proxy is having the IP address and service all to yourself.
  • Speeds will always be consistently fast because there is only one user using the proxy at a time.
  • Dedicated proxies will last far longer, considering there will be no abusive behavior going on without the user’s knowledge.
  • Dedicated proxies protect your privacy and computer by concealing your IP address from everyone. (Without knowing your real IP address, it is much harder for a hacker to get access or install malicious software on your computer.)
Dedicated Proxy CONs
  • Price – Dedicated proxies can be 2-10x more expensive than shared proxies!

How to Choose Between Shared or Dedicated Proxies

Most Private Proxies being offered by reputable providers, whether Shared or Dedicated, will be high-anonymous so your personal information and location are never revealed.

Some proxy providers sell revolving lists that can be downloaded, or refreshed, weekly or monthly. Other proxy providers give customers a set of proxies and only change them as needed or when requested, customers may even be limited on how often they can have their proxies/IP changed. This is something to consider when choosing between dedicated or shared proxies.

That being said, the pricing of shared proxies versus dedicated proxies varies considerably and thus usually becomes the deciding factor for most people. However, it’s certain that dedicated proxies will always be more expensive than shared proxies. You pay for reliability and speed with dedicated proxies – with shared proxies you pay for quantity, not quality.