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Changes to Microleaves 1/5/10/15 Backconnect Proxy Plans


Microleaves has just released an email update regarding their Residential Backconnect Proxy Service.

Apparently there has been a problem with certain Microleaves members abusing the Residential Backconnect service and changes have been made to deal with the abuse. Effective immediately all Residential Backconnect plans of 1, 5, 10, and 15 have been removed from the Microleaves site and are no longer available to order because 90% of the abuse was from 1/5/10/15 plans. Mindless abuse of Microleaves IP addresses ruins the future quality of service and also makes prices rise. Microleaves subscribers currently on those plans will continue having service until further notice.

Microleaves has also added a new option in the Residential Backconnect proxy settings area for subscribers on 25+ proxy plans that are using their proxies for Google Services, and the setting must be enabled or disabled within the next 5 days. By tracking users that enable the “Allow proxies to access google services” Microleaves can better monitor abuse from their IPs to Google services, including ReCaptcha. Do not enable the settings if you are not using your Residential Backconnect proxies for anything Google related.

The reason this option must be set soon is because in 5 days, on 4/23/17, all Microleaves Residential Backconnect 1/5/10/15 proxy plans will automatically have Google services and ReCaptcha blocked as well as plans of 25+ if not otherwise set. While users on the 25+ plans can still enable Google services at any time, the 1/5/10/15 will not be allowed to enable access to Google services at all.

Microleaves has apparently been considering these changes for a while and has expressed their reluctance to make such drastic moves, but there really isn’t another way to ensure their network is kept clean so they can provide the best services possible. If any users on 1/5/10/15 plans do not want to continue using Microleaves’ services with the new limitations placed on them, or they wish to upgrade to a 25+ backconnect proxy plan, open a support ticket and Microleaves will fully refund you last 1/5/10/15 sales transaction.

There will be an update in a few more days that will bring a lot of new things to the Microleaves services line-up. Plus, there are some updates regarding “Special” plans that will change how the services selection is done and will also allow for more than 3 selected services at a time. Microleaves is encouraging users to use the 24/7 support if any of these new changes are causing issues.

GetFastProxy will keeping updating users about any Microleaves changes via this blog – Stay tuned for Microleaves news!