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AIO Bot Plus Beta Released Today: $250 to Current AIO Bot Users!


An email went out from AIO Bot a few hours ago releasing their new sneaker bot – AIO Bot Plus!


What exactly is AIO Bot Plus?

Here’s what AIO Bot had to say in their email:

“Over the years, many of you have told us that you buy multiple bots from multiple companies so that you can use multiple copping engines (different code/technologies), but that you were extremely dissatisfied with the other company products and wanted us to produce more tools.

Well, guess what? We listened!”

And here’s the description on the site linked to from the email:

Increase your chances of copping multiple limited hyped Yeezys, Jordans, NMDs and more at retail with the easy to use AIO Bot Plus.
With over 40+ of your favorite sites supported you’ll never pay resale again.

AIO Bot Plus Features:

(“Features of Note” in bold)

  • Easy to use UI
  • Multiple chances to cop one item as if you are running up to 200 browsers or devices
  • Multiple copping engines
  • Campaign: Cop a specific shoe from different websites in one click
  • Anti-Bot breacher
  • CEF auto buyer
  • Premium Captcha services
  • Browser ATC engine
  • Adidas dynamic support
  • 200 threads
  • Unlimited campaigns
  • NEW Campaign concept.
  • Advanced billing management
  • Advance proxy tester
  • Advanced accounts management
  • Advanced customizable settings
  • New import/export mechanism for campaigns, billing, account, orders.
  • Select multi size option- ability to cop multiple sizes per campaign
  • Better billing management less duplicated checkouts
  • Reseller support
  • Free updates for 6 months
  • Link Monitor – so you can monitor and add to cart when available
  • Product Search – so you can monitor products pages
  • Auto credit card browserless checkout ( All Sites )
  • Auto checkout retry
  • Retry on failure or crash
  • Email/SMS notifications
  • Proxy Support – so you can avoid bans
  • Chrome Express checkout (if you want to checkout using browser)
  • Works on Mac ( under a virtual machine, tutorial provided ) and Windows
  • Free customer help desk support

So that’s awesome – a different version of AIO Bot that runs different bot engines and has some new features. Lots of new features, actually.

However, there is one important thing to note – AIO Bot Plus is only immediately available to the current AIO Bot User base and in limited quantities, new customers will have to wait! (And possibly pay the full $400 retail price rather than the current Beta price of $250.)

AIO Bot is also pushing a 10% off promo code for a limited time! Use the button below to copy the promo code to your clipboard and open the AIO Bot Plus page:

Note: AIO Bot also made it clear that the original AIO Bot is still going to be supported and updated, therefore AIO Bot Plus should not be looked at as a v2 AIO Bot but as more of an add-on or standalone sneaker bot instead.