Best RuneScape Proxies for Running Bots and Gold Farms

RuneScape Proxies are a necessity if you are running multiple bots on RuneScape or OSRS (Old School RuneScape). RuneScape Proxies don’t make your bots run better, or stop your bots from getting banned. What RuneScape proxies do is protect your bots from getting your other bots banned!

If one of your RuneScape bots is outdated, or your machine malfunctions, it can trigger the anti-bot system RuneScape has in place and get banned. If RuneScape bans an account and sees other accounts running on the same IP address, they will investigate those accounts as well, most likely resulting in them getting banned.

Sometimes the bans are a temporary ban, but with too many previous strikes on an account or IP address you will most likely get a permanent ban. RuneScape perma-bans can ruin your day, and possibly your profit if you’re running a farm and get all your accounts banned in one fell swoop. Protect yourself from RuneScape ban hammer headaches by running your bots on RuneScape Proxies!

Best RuneScape Proxies for Bots

ProxyFish RuneScape Proxies


ProxyFish has been operating since 2016 and their main focus for years was RuneScape Proxies. Even though they have broadened their proxy service offerings in recent years, they still stay true to their roots and cater to RuneScape botters.

  • Proxy Locations: USA
  • Proxy Type: Static ISP Proxies (Sprint)
  • Proxy Price: $3 for 1, $300 for 100
  • Proxy Bandwidth: Unlimited RuneScape Proxies

privateproxy-me-logo-getfastproxy is another one of the leading RuneScape Proxy service providers. They have been operating since 2017 and have a good track record.

  • Proxy Locations: UK, USA,
  • Proxy Type: Static Residential Socks5
  • Proxy Price: 1 for $5, 100 for $400
  • Proxy Bandwidth: Unlimited
  • Promo Code: 15% Off Recurring Discount

Other RuneScape Proxy Choices

Because RuneScape Proxies just need to be Socks5 to function, you can technically use any proxy service that offers the SOCKS5 protocol as RuneScape Proxies. However, there are a few things to keep in mind besides the SOCKS5 protocol requirement when picking RuneScape Proxies.

  • RuneScape Proxies must be SOCKS5
  • RuneScape Proxies must be Dedicated, NOT shared
  • RuneScape Proxies should have a static IP, not rotating/backconnect
  • RuneScape Proxies should be Residential IP, known as ISP Proxies when IP is static
  • RuneScape Proxies should probably be unlimited bandwidth, otherwise the bill could get very high

After taking these qualifiers into consideration, here’s some other make-shift “RuneScape Proxies” worth trying!

AceProxies Socks5 Static Residential Proxies

AceProxies Logo 300x300

Ace Proxies has been selling proxies since 2018, including dedicated private proxies, rotating residential proxies, and static SOCKS5 residential proxies that are great for RuneScape and OSRS bots. Their proxies are a bit pricey for just a few, but if you need quite a bit then the price decreases.

  • Proxy Locations: UK, USA,
  • Proxy Type: Static Residential
  • Proxy Price: 1 for $6.99, 100 for $299.99
  • Proxy Bandwidth: Unlimited

BlazingSEO Socks5 ISP Proxies


Blazing SEO has been selling top tier shared and dedicated proxies in the SEO scene since 2015. However, their range of services have expanded to include isp/residential proxies, virtual private servers, and even custom proxy management software. Blazing SEO proxies aren’t just for SEO, they are a great choice for RuneScape Proxies!

  • Proxy Locations: UK, USA, Germany
  • Proxy Type: ISP Socks5
  • Proxy Price: 5 for $25, 100 for $480
  • Proxy Bandwidth: Unlimited
  • Promo Code: 10% Off Blazing SEO Proxies

IPRoyal Socks5 Static Residential Proxies

IPROYAL Logo 300x300

IPRoyal has only been around for a few years, but sneaker heads and game bot users have had exceptional experiences with their services. The Static Socks5 Residential proxies IPRoyal offers are a perfect fit for use as RuneScape Proxies, and at a starting price of $2.50ea they are the cheapest place to get your RuneScape and OSRS bot proxies as well.

  • Proxy Locations: UK, USA, etc.
  • Proxy Type: Static Residential
  • Proxy Price: $2.50 each
  • Proxy Bandwidth: Unlimited

Proxy-Cheap Socks5 Static Residential Proxies

Proxy-Cheap Logo 300x300

Proxy-Cheap has been providing proxies since late 2018. Their Static Residential Proxy network has over 1 Million IP addresses from 6 different Internet Service Providers.

  • Proxy Locations: Canada, USA
  • Proxy Type: Static Residential Socks5
  • Proxy Price: 1 for $3.49
  • Proxy Bandwidth: Unlimited

RuneScape/OSRS Bots and Scripts to Consider