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Blazing Proxies Key Features:


  • Stability and Speed
    All Blazing Proxies are served by dedicated servers owned by Blazing SEO.
  • Unlimited Bandwidth and Performance
    No bandwidth limitations and users can utilize all available bandwidth and threads.
  • Automatic and Instant Setup
    Blazing SEO orders are automatically processed and setup so proxies can be used immediately.
  • Monthly Proxy Replacements
    Users allowed one free automatic proxy replacement a month for all or some proxies.
  • Four Major Proxy Countries
    Blazing SEO servers are located in 4 countries: USA, UK, Germany, and Brazil.
  • Superior IP/Subnet Diversity
    Blazing Proxies are spread across 24 Class-A, 40 Class-B, as well as 500 Class C subnets owned by Blazing SEO.
  • Choice of Authentication
    Blazing SEO proxies can be authorized with either User:Pass or IP Whitelist authentication.
  • Multple Protocols Supported
    Blazing Proxies are offered in the more common HTTP/HTTPS protocol as well as the SOCKS protocol.
  • Partner Affiliate Program
    Blazing SEO also operates a semi-automated affiliate program that pays 10%. (Payouts/Withdrawals are not automatic and must be scheduled for manual action.)

Blazing Proxies Summary:

Blazing SEO offers Shared or Dedicated HTTP/HTTPS/SOCKS proxies and Rotating/Backconnect proxies, all of which operate on dedicated servers and Datacenter IP addresses with 1 Gb/s speeds. Although Blazing SEO is a long-time provider of proxies geared for Search Engine Optimization (SEO), they’ve recently started offering Virtual Private Server (VPS) plans, Dedicated Servers, as well as no-refund Sneaker Proxies. Their main pride is in their IP address diversity via the control of large amounts of IP subnets that they own, but Blazing has also been known to boast about speed and stability as well!

Blazing SEO – Proxy List API

Blazing SEO is also one of the few proxy providers to offer an API that lets users automatically to get their proxy list from the web. The API is ideal for customers that would like to integrate their Blazing Proxies with software that supports getting proxies from a URL and will make sure fresh proxies are always being used by SEO/Botting programs.

Blazing SEO – Proxy Dedication

Blazing SEO owns all of their IP addresses and personally sets up their own servers around the world for a stricter amount of quality control. They utilize a custom proxy delivery and replacement system that automatically sets up and delivers customers the most diverse set of proxies available for their order, and then automatically replaces any proxy/proxies if there is a problem found. Users may also use the system to manually replace any amount of their proxies for other reasons, such as a ban from a specific website.

Blazing SEO – Sneaker Proxies

Blazing SEO is being cautious with their sneaker proxies and isn’t marketing their shoe proxies at any specific manufacturer/retailer websites, which is smart. Instead, they sell their sneaker proxies as-is without any guarantees and let the success and failure stories spread on their own. There have been many reports on Twitter and Instagram about success at certain sites getting Nikes and Yeezys, but there’s also been solid failures as well. For this reason, Blazing does explicitly state their shoe proxies do NOT work at Nike or Supreme websites.

Blazing Proxies Coupon/Promo Codes:

    Additional Blazing Proxies Information:

    Access Count





    IP, User/Password



    City Count


    Control Panel


    Proxy Countries

    Brazil, Germany, India, United Kingdom, United States

    Country Count




    Proxy Exclusivity

    Dedicated, Shared

    Free Trial

    2 Days


    Firefox, Other

    Internet Protocol


    IP Type


    Logs Kept


    Money-Back Guarantee


    Monthly Refresh



    Credit Cards, Paypal

    Proxy Protocol

    Http, Https, Socks5

    Rotate Type


    Proxy Speed

    1000 Mb/s

    Strictly Prohibited, Pokemon GO,, Ticketmaster




    Chat, Email, Tickets

    Support Hours


    Supported Services

    AIO Bot (ANB), BNB AIO, EasyCop, GSA Proxy Scraper, Scrapebox, SEnuke, Shopify, TweetAttacksPro, XRumer

    Supported Websites

    Craigslist, Facebook, Twitter

    U.S. Cities

    Anchorage (AK), Atlanta (GA), Buffalo (NY), Chicago (IL), Dallas (TX), Denver (CO), Des Moines (IA), Honolulu (HI), Los Angeles (CA), Miami (FL), New York City (NY), Omaha (NE), Phoenix (AZ), Salem (MA), San Francisco (CA), San Jose (CA), Seattle (WA) Image

    Blazing Proxies User Reviews: Overall rating: ★★★★★ 5 based on 1 reviews.
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    Happy with its performance

    Currently, I am using Blazing proxy for both private and public. Happy with its performance. It is cheap and reliable. Best part is that they automatically replace dead proxies.
    - fredi
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