ActProxy Key Features:

  • Multiple Cities and Subnets
  • 1Gbps Uplink on all servers
  • Non Sequential IP’s
  • API Accessible Proxy Lists
  • 99% Uptime Guaranteed
  • Up to 100 Threads
  • User/Pass and IP Authentication
  • Highly Anonymous

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ActProxy Summary:

ActProxy offers both Shared and Dedicated HTTP/HTTPS and SOCKS proxies, along with a 3 day money back guarantee.
All ActProxy plans include Mulitple Cities, Multiple Subnets, one Free Monthly Change of IPs, and Free Setup. Users have full control of proxies and are able to configure IP or User/Pass authentication as well as IPv4 and/or IPv6 options to work with any setup.

ActProxy – Enterprise Class Servers

ActProxy dedicated proxy servers are built with the best cutting-edge hardware on the server market allowing for maximum performance, efficiency, and redundancy which helps prevent downtime caused by a single part failure. Every ActProxy server utilizes RAID arrays with a minimum RAM of 8gb to push high system resource loads and handle lots of bandwidth. ActProxy servers run on one or more 1Gbps uplinks so their proxies will never be the weak link in your connection.

ActProxy – Enterprise Class Software & Security

ActProxy servers make use of Squid, which is a powerful forwarding HTTP web proxy and caching proxy server application. Squid comes with native support for HTTP protocol with the ability to add support for SSL, TLS, HTTPS, and more. Squid easily scales from the simple low level use to enterprise network level use, while providing extensive access and control mechanisms as well as critical systems monitoring.

10/26/17 Update: ActProxy has been experiencing trouble in the last few days since their recent site upgrade – and probably for the foreseeable future until the get all the bugs worked out. Not recommended to use them for now until this warning goes away.

11/04/17 Update: ActProxy rolled back their website and services on 10/29 and I’ve been using/testing their proxy services since then. So far, so good! Seeing as the new ActProxy website looked great and the upgraded service features were pretty sweet, let’s hope ActProxy gets all the bugs worked out of their new site/services before attempt #2!.

02/01/18 Update: ActProxy re-released their new site and service upgrades. All bugs have been worked out from the initial release and everything is working flawlessly! Still one of the best proxy values for the price!

ActProxy Supported Services:

ActProxy Supported Software:

GSA Search Engine Ranker, SEnuke, Ultimate Demon

ActProxy Supported Websites:

Facebook, Nike, Twitter, YouTube

ActProxy Strictly Prohibits:


ActProxy Full Specs Table:

Provider NameAct Proxy
Provider Website

ExclusivityDedicated, Shared
Speed1,000 Mb/s
Logs KeptUnstated (Assume Yes)
3 Days
Free TrialNo
Supported ServicesGSA Search Engine Ranker, SEnuke, Ultimate Demon
Supported WebsitesFacebook, Nike, Twitter, YouTube
Smallest Package5
Largest Package200
Strictly Prohibited(None)
* = Observed or Directly-Inquired
strike = Discontinued/Dead/Prohibited

ActProxy Pricing Table:

Shared Proxies Dedicated Proxies
10 $4.00 $13.00
25 $12.50 $32.50
50 $22.50 $60.00
75 $33.75 $90.00
100 $40.00 $110.00
150 $60.00 $165.00
200 $80.00 $220.00

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ActProxy User Reviews:

(If you have used ActProxy please leave a review below!)

5 5 1
Have used them consistently for a year now on all yeezy 350 drops. Copped on all except frozen yellow. I will continue to use them without hesitation.

4 5 1
I've been grabbing my private proxies through ActProxy for the past couple of years and have been satisfied. The IP's are fixed as long as you don't let your account lapse.
Review Title
Review Content

ActProxy Overall rating: ★★★★★ 4.5 based on 2 reviews
5 1

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