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ProxyRack Key Features:

  • Huge IP Pool
    Users have access to a proxy network of 1.2m IP addresses
  • Dozens of Locations
    ProxyRack has proxy servers in over 40 countries around the globe
  • Dedicated Support Team
    They have dedicated proxy technical support 7 days a week
  • Money Back Guarantee
    ProxyRack confidently offers a 14 day money back guarantee
  • Automated Proxy Refresh
    Their proprietary system replaces dead proxies automatically
  • Flexible Protocol Support
    ProxyRack supports HTTP(S) as well as SOCKS5 proxy protocols

ProxyRack Summary:

ProxyRack offers Shared Residential and Datacenter Rotating (Backconnect) Proxies with IP whitelist or User/Pass authentication. ProxyRack’s massive network of proxy servers has over 1,200,000 IP addresses with an average of 100,000 IPs available daily.

How ProxyRack Rotating Proxies Work:

ProxyRack has two different backconnect proxy rotation methods. The first rotating proxy method uses an assigned port number that uses a fresh IP address for every new connection made. The second rotating method uses another assigned port number that uses each IP address connected through for 10 minutes before rotating to a new IP. ProxyRack pricing is based on the amount of connections/threads that can be used simultaneously, rather than by proxy amount like traditional proxy services.

ProxyRack Pricing Table:

Residential Backconnect Proxies US Datacenter Proxies Mixed Datacenter Proxies
50 $40.00
100 $60.00
200 $120.00
250 $120.00
1000 $120.00

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ProxyRack User Reviews: Overall rating: 4.5 out of 5 based on 2 reviews.

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I'm really enjoying them

5 5 1
They are very good for their price I used MicroLeaves few months ago and ProxyRack got me scrape 2x more URLs spending the same amount of money So I'm really enjoying them ain't bad

4 5 1
If you you want to scrape and not give a damn... ain't bad.
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