Earn Money by Selling Bandwidth

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Want to earn some spare cash? Try selling your spare bandwidth to residential proxy services for a decent source of passive income. These bandwidth selling services provide small apps that run in the background of your devices and work as a proxy service to one of their clients every so often. By selling some bandwidth and renting out your IP address, you make between $.10 and $.90 USD per Gigabyte sold. That’s not a bad deal, especially if you have unlimited bandwidth! Check out the services listed below to learn more.

IP/Bandwidth Selling Passive Income Services

#1 Honeygain - Make Money by Simply Sharing your Internet
Honeygain Earn Money for Bandwidth Banner

Even though it pays less than others, I’ve earned the most from Honeygain.

  • Earnings: $.30/GB Passive Income
  • Apps: Android, iOS, Linux, Mac, Windows
  • Payout: $20 Minimum Threshold
  • Payments: Crypto (Bitcoin, JumpToken), Paypal
#2 PacketStream - Residential Proxies Powered by Peer-to-Peer Bandwidth Sharing
PacketStream Banner 400x400

PacketStream is my 2nd Highest earner, making almost as much as 1st place.

  • Earnings: $.10/GB Passive Income
  • Apps: Linux, Mac, Windows
  • Payout: No Threshold, 3% fee
  • Payments: Paypal
#3 IPRoyal Pawns - Make Passive Money Online by Sharing your Internet
IPRoyal PAwns Earn Money Banner

IPRoyal is barely holding 3rd place in the ranking of earnings I’ve made.

  • Earnings: $.20/GB Passive Income
  • Apps: Android, Linux, Mac, Windows
  • Payout: $5 Threshold
  • Payments: Crypto (Bitcoin), Gift Cards (Amazon, Google, Visa, etc.), Paypal
#4 Peer2Profit - Share Your Traffic and Profit On It!
Peer2Profit Banner 400x400

Peer2Profit might pay the most per GB, but they are in 4th place by earnings for me. Less people must use their service than the others.

  • Earnings: $.86/GB Passive Income
  • Apps: Android, Linux, Windows
  • Payout: $2 Threshold
  • Payments: Bank Transfer, Crypto (Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, etc.), Payeer, Perfect Money, Qiwi, Yoomoney
#5 Income (by Spider) - Effortlessly Earn Passive Income
Income.Spider Earn Money Banner 400x400

Income by Spider is different from the other bandwidth sellers because you earn money just for being online and available, even if none of your bandwidth is sold!

  • Earnings: Unknown, haven’t sold any bandwidth yet!
  • Apps: Windows
  • Payout: $20 Threshold
  • Payments: Paypal

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