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CountriesProtocolsExclusivitySpeedCountry Sort
SSL Private Proxy

$47.50/mo$29.00/mo6Http, HttpsDedicated, Shared1,000 Mb/s 006
Buy Proxies

$40.00/mo$20.00/mo5Http, HttpsDedicated, Shared1,000 Mb/s 005
Cheap Private Proxies

$40.00/mo$16.00/mo2*HttpDedicated, SharedUnstated002
Your Private Proxy

n/a$29.97/mo6Http, Https, Socks5DedicatedUnstated006
Proxies Now

n/a$19.95/mo6Http, Https, Socks5Dedicated100+ Mb/s006
EZ Proxies

$50.00/mo$20.00/mo6Http, HttpsDedicated, SharedUnstated006
Proxy Blaze

n/a$13.00/mo2Http, Socks5Dedicated100+ Mb/s002
My Private Proxy

$50.00/mo$23.70/mo8Http, Https, Socks5Dedicated, Shared1,000 Mb/s008
Best Private Proxy

$40.00/mo$20.00/mo2+Backconnect, HttpDedicated, SharedUnstated002
Squid Proxies

n/a$24.00/mo10*Http, HttpsDedicated, Shared1,000 Mb/s010

$48.00/mo$22.65/mo2Http, HttpsDedicated, SharedUnstated002
High Proxies

$48.00/mo$22.00/mo5Http, HttpsDedicated, Shared1,000 Mb/s 005

$40.00/mo$20.00/mo2Http, HttpsDedicated, Shared1,000 Mb/s 002
Instant Proxies

$50.00/mon/aUnstatedHttpUnstated (Shared)Unstated 0
Proxy Key

n/a$97.30/mo30Http, HttpsDedicated1,000 Mb/s 030
Rotate IP

n/a$25.00/moUnstatedHttp*DedicatedUnstated 0
Blazing Proxies

$24.00/mo$12.00/mo4Http, Https, Socks5Dedicated, Shared1,000 Mb/s 004
Cloud Proxies

$40.00/mo$20.00/mo2+Backconnect, Http, HttpsDedicated, Shared1,000 Mb/s 002

$47.00/mo$20.00/mo2+HttpDedicated, Shared1,000 Mb/s 002
New IP Now

n/a$20.00/moUnstatedHttpDedicated1,000 Mb/s 0
Lime Proxies

n/a$09.99/mo18Http, Socks4, Socks5Dedicated100 Mb/s 018
Act Proxy

$22.50/mo$13.00/mo2HttpDedicated, Shared1,000 Mb/s002
Buy Cheap Proxy


$47.00/mo$25.00/mo196Backconnect, Http, Https, Socks4, Socks5Dedicated, Shared1,000 Mb/s196
Proxy Rack

$40.00/mon/a40Backconnect, Http, Https, Socks5SharedVaries040

$47.00/mo$25.00/moUnstatedBackconnect, Http, Https, Socks4, Socks5Dedicated, Shared1,000 Mb/s0
Proxy Fish

n/a$30.00/mo5Https, Socks5DedicatedUnstated5


$25.50/mo$15.30/mo1Http,HttpsDedicated, Shared100+ Mb/s1
Star Proxies

$42.00/mo$15.00/mo1HttpDedicated, SharedUnstated1
ATC Proxys


Above specs are directly from the proxy provider website – no testing has been done unless noted otherwise.

* – Observed/Inquired – Not Listed on Website