What’s the Difference Between Rotating Proxies and Backconnect Proxies?

This question is asked very often, and the differences between Rotating Proxies and Backconnect Proxies are pretty simple. So, what exactly is the Difference Between Rotating Proxies and Backconnect Proxies? To be up-front, this is sort of a “trick” post – the answer is basically Nothing! 😜 Rotating and Backconnect proxies are essentially the same […]

Shoe & Sneaker Website Proxy Provider List

Proxy Providers that support proxies for buying shoes/sneakers and using Nike/Adidas/Supreme and other footsite bots don’t always support all the same footsite/sneaker websites. Here is a master list of which sneaker proxy provider to use depending if you are shopping/botting Nike, Adidas, Supreme or one of the many other footsites. To learn more about Sneaker […]

How to Use Proxies

Proxies seem pretty complicated but in reality they are simple to use. Most major web-browsers support the use of a proxy, as well as many other internet-based applications from internet-messaging apps to BitTorrent apps. There are even applications known as “proxifiers” that will allow you to use a proxy with software that doesn’t support proxies […]

What’s the Difference Between HTTP Proxies and SOCKS Proxies?

There are only two types of proxy protocols – HTTP (Hypertext Transfer Protocol) proxies and SOCKS (Secure Socket) proxies. Although they are similar in that they both route internet traffic through a remote server, they operate very differently from each other and because of that also have very different uses. If you’re currently looking to […]

What is a Proxifier?

Some programs and software don’t have native support for Socks4/5 proxies, some don’t have HTTP or HTTPS Support, and some don’t even have support for any type of proxies! That simply wouldn’t do for some internet users. Proxifiers are software that were made specifically to route internet traffic from certain applications without proxy support through […]