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Comparison Chart – Cheapest Dedicated Proxies of 2018

Though the need for dedicated proxies often ranges from security reasons, to SEO scraping, and getting around geo-blocks — sometimes all that’s really needed for the job is the cheapest dedicated proxies available!

Why Use Cheap Dedicated Proxies in 2018

Cheap dedicated proxies are usually great for spidering/indexing websites, backlinking, competitor website analysis, as well as game botting.

However, cheap dedicated proxies are not recommended for sneaker/shoe botting. For dedicated proxies that are good for copping Nike/Yeezy/Jordan sneakers and other shoes or clothing, go to the Footsite/Sneaker Proxies List page.

10 Dedicated Proxies – Monthly Prices

If you just need proxies temporarily, or are worried you might need to change proxies often, then these are the five most affordable dedicated proxy providers when it comes to monthly plans.

Proxy Provider Provider Link Monthly Price Promo Link
Lime Proxies $4.99/mo 50% Off – Recurring Discount
EZ Proxies $9.00/mo 55% Off – One-Time Discount
Promo Only for Monthly
New IP Now $10.00/mo None
Blazing Proxies $11.40/mo 5% Off – Recurring Discount
Act Proxy $11.70/mo 10% Off – Recurring Discount

Compare all proxy plans here.

10 Dedicated Proxies – Yearly Prices

If you need long-term cheap dedicated proxies then these are the top five most affordable dedicated proxy providers. This takes into account proxy providers that have yearly discounts as well as recurring promo codes for monthly proxy plans.

Proxy Provider Provider Link Monthly Price Promo Link
Lime Proxies $59.88/yr 50% Off – Recurring Discount
New IP Now $120.00/yr None
Blazing Proxies $136.80/yr 5% Off – Recurring Discount
Act Proxy $140.40/yr 10% Off – Recurring Discount $153.00/yr 15% Off – Recurring Discount

Compare all proxy plans here.

Full Monthly and Yearly Proxy Price Comparison Chart

Here’s the full cheap dedicated proxies chart comparing Monthly and Yearly prices for 10 Dedicated Proxies, including promo codes, from all the most popular proxy providers.

On Desktop: Click Column Headers to sort!

On Mobile: Click Row Headers to sort, Swipe Left & Right to scroll table.

ProviderPrice/Month with PromoPrice/Year with PromoPromoBase Price/MonthBase Price/YearSort Price/Month with PromoSort Price/Year with PromoPromoSort Price/10 MonthlySort Price/10 Yearly
Blazing Proxies$11.40/mo$136.80/yr5% Off - Recurring Discount$12.00/mo$144.00/yr11.4136.85.512144$12.75/mo$153.00/yr15% Off - Recurring Discount$15.30/mo$183.60/yr12.7515315.515.3183.6
Act Proxy$11.70/mo$140.40/yr10% Off - Recurring Discount$13.00/mo$156.00/yr11.7140.410.513156
Proxy Blaze$13.00/mo$156.00/yrn/a$13.00/mo$156.00/yr13156013156
High Proxies$16.00/mo$187.20/yr20% Off - Recurring Discount$22.00/mo$234.00/yr16187.220.522234
Squid Proxies$16.80/mo$201.60/yr30% Off - Recurring Discount$24.00/mo$288.00/yr16.8201.630.524288
My Private Proxy$18.96/mo$182.02/yr20% Off - Recurring Discount$23.70/mo$227.52/yr18.96182.0220.523.7227.52
EZ Proxies$9.00/mo$200.00/yr55% Off - One-Time Discount
Promo Only for Monthly
Proxies Now$19.95/mo$239.40/yrn/a$19.95/mo$239.40/yr19.95239.4019.95239.4
Buy Proxies$20.00/mo$200.00/yrn/a$20.00/mo$200.00/yr20200020200
Cloud Proxies$20.00/mo$240.00/yrn/a$20.00/mo$240.00/yr20240020240
New IP Now$10.00/mo$120.00/yrn/a$20.00/mo$120.00/yr10120020120
SSL Private Proxy$21.75/mo$180.00/yr25% Off - Recurring Discount$29.00/mo$278.40/yr21.7518025.529278.4
Proxy-N-VPN$19.25/mo$199.17/yr15% Off - Recurring Discount$22.65/mo$234.32/yr19.25199.1715.522.65234.32
Microleaves$18.75/mo$293.75/yr25% Off - One-Time Discount$25.00/mo$300.00/yr18.75293.752525300$18.75/mo$293.75/yr25% Off - One-Time Discount$25.00/mo$300.00/yr18.75293.752525300
Rotate IP$25.00/mo$300.00/yrn/a$25.00/mo$300.00/yr25300025300$29.00/mo$348.00/yrn/a$29.00/mo$348.00/yr29348029348
Proxy Fish$24.00/mo$354.00/yr20% Off - One-Time Discount$30.00/mo$360.00/yr243542030360
Your Private Proxy$29.97/mo$359.64/yrn/a$29.97/mo$359.64/yr29.97359.64029.97359.64
ATC Proxys$25.00/mo$300.00/yrn/a$25.00/mo$300.00/yr25300025300
Lime Proxies$4.99/mo$59.88/yr50% Off - Recurring Discount$09.99/mo$119.88/yr4.9959.8850.59.99119.88
Proxy Key$77.84/mo$1148.14/yr20% Off - Recurring Discount$97.30/mo$1167.60/yr77.841148.1420.597.31167.6
Star Proxies$20.00/mo$240.00/yrn/a$20.00/mo$240.00/yr20240020240
Cheap Private Proxiesn/an/an/an/an/a999999999999999909999999999999999
Buy Cheap Proxyn/an/an/an/an/a999999999999999909999999999999999
Instant Proxiesn/an/an/an/an/a999999999999999909999999999999999
Proxy Rackn/an/an/an/an/a999999999999999909999999999999999

Compare all dedicated proxy plans here.

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