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List of Cheapest Dedicated Proxies of 2020 with Comparison Chart

Last Updated on October 29, 2020

Dedicated Proxies have many uses ranging from Anonymous Browsing, to Overcoming Censorship, Game Botting, as well as Bypassing Region Locks for buying software/games at cheaper prices from other geo-regions, and even Circumventing IP Bans for buying multiple items from stores that limit quantities for things like sneakers and Funko Pops. There are many other reasons to use cheap dedicated proxies, but let’s take a closer look at what a Dedicated Proxy actually is first.

The 26 Cheapest Dedicated Proxy providers of 2020

Before we look at the comparison chart of 2020’s cheapest dedicated proxies, let’s first take a broader look at proxies as a whole. There’s a chance you may learn something new about proxies and you may even discover that dedicated proxies aren’t actually what you need. (Or you can just skip to the table.)

What, Exactly, is a Proxy?

A Proxy is another computer somewhere else that your internet traffic is routed through as an intermediary, like a middle-man. When using a proxy, any web servers you communicate with will actually be communicating with your middle-man proxy and not directly with your computer. This is how a proxy effectively changes your IP address to the outside world as the only IP address the world sees is the IP of your proxy server. To learn more about how a proxy works visit this page.

Private Proxies vs. Open Proxies

There are two main categories of proxies – Public Proxies, and Private Proxies. Public proxies are not locked with a password or allowed list of IP address that can use them so they are effectively open to the world to use for free – for this reason they are also called “Open Proxies”. Private proxies, on the other hand, are username and password protected or can only be used by specific IP addresses.

Private Proxy PROs
  • Fast – Private Proxies run on better hardware/connections than Open Proxies and are usually faster.
  • Stable – Private Proxies are abused far less than Open Proxies and generally work far longer.
  • Safe – Private Proxies are by far safer than Open Proxies that might be operated by shady people.
  • Consistent – Private Proxies are usually have the same performance no matter when they are used.
Private Proxy CONs
  • Expensive – Private Proxies are generally sold as a service and aren’t free like publicly Open Proxies
  • Less Choices – Private Proxies can be hard to find in certain countries where Open Proxies can be found.

To learn more about Public and Private proxies go to this page.

Dedicated Proxies vs. Shared Proxies

Within the category of Private Proxies there also two sub-categories of proxies – Shared Proxies and Dedicated Proxies. Shared Proxies are private proxies that are used by one or more people at a time – and often they are referred to as “Semi-Dedicated Proxies”. Dedicated Proxies, however, are only used by one person at a time and are usually the best type of proxy.

Dedicated Proxy PROs
  • Exclusivity
  • Speed
  • Longevity
  • Private
Dedicated Proxy CONs
  • Price

To learn more about Shared and Dedicated proxies go to this page.

A Quick Look at 26 of the Cheapest Dedicated Proxies of 2020!

Here is a table of all the Cheapest Dedicated Proxy Providers listed on GetFastProxy – sorted from Lowest Price to Highest Price. At first glance, this seems like the perfect way to find the cheapest dedicated proxies, however, it’s not so simple. Dedicated proxy providers offer their proxies in different quantities from each other, and some also charge less per proxy when a larger quantity of proxies is purchased. Therefore, to find the best proxies for your need it’s important to look at how much a proxy provider charges for your desired quantity of dedicated proxies to find the best deal.

Below the table you will find detailed reviews of each dedicated proxy provider along with a pricing table of all their proxy packages to help you pick the cheapest dedicated proxies possible!

NameStarting PricesBuy Dedicated Proxies$2.10$1,350.00
HighProxies Dedicated Proxies$2.30$1,400.00
Proxy-N-VPN Dedicated Proxies$2.35$1,390.00
MyPrivateProxy Dedicated Proxies$2.49$2,500.00
CoolProxies Dedicated Proxies$3.00$300.00
ProxyFish Dedicated Proxies$3.50$275.00
BestProxyAndVPN Dedicated Proxies$4.99$171.99
LimeProxies Dedicated Proxies$4.99$3,999.00
ProxyBlaze Dedicated Proxies$5.00$800.00
BlazingProxies Dedicated Proxies$6.00$980.00
ActProxy Dedicated Proxies$6.50$760.00
YourPrivateProxy Dedicated Proxies$6.97$399.97 Dedicated Proxies$9.00$1,500.00 Dedicated Proxies$10.00$150.00
Mexela Dedicated Proxies$10.00$650.00
StormProxies Dedicated Proxies$10.00$400.00
Microleaves Dedicated Proxies$12.50$1,250.00
Proxy.Cheap Dedicated Proxies$12.50$1,250.00
SSLPrivateProxy Dedicated Proxies$15.00$1,750.00
Proxy Key Dedicated Proxies$16.80$1,049.00
EZProxies Dedicated Proxies$20.00$600.00
Proxy-Hub Dedicated Proxies$20.00$185.00
SquidProxies Dedicated Proxies$24.00$1,500.00
WooProxy Dedicated Proxies$29.00$180.00
RotatingProxies Dedicated Residential Proxies$43.00$9,395.00

A Thorough Review of 15 of 2020’s Cheapest Dedicated Proxies

Here are the dedicated proxy providers on GetFastProxy laid out in detail – sorted by the average of their prices from Low to High. By looking below it’s easy to see that the above table is not sufficient enough to find the Cheapest Dedicated Proxies of 2020!

Click the gray pricing table boxes to expand a proxy providers’ dedicated proxy pricing.

1. Lime Proxies


Lime Proxies has been providing cheap dedicated proxies steadily since 2010.

  • Free Proxy Refresh/Randomizes on request.
  • Worldwide Phone Support – 24/7 Guarantee
  • Highly/Elite Anonymous – All headers disabled.
  • 300+ Subnets – Proxies from multi mixed subnets.
  • Both IP and User/Pass authentication.
  • Up to 25 IPs for proxy authenticated.
  • 1 Gbps speed connections.
Lime Proxies Dedicated Proxy Price Table
NamePriceProxy QuantityPrice/ProxyAuthorizationCity CountCountry CountSubnetsProxy Protocol
Lime Proxies 1 Dedicated Proxy$4.9914.99IP, User/Password22MultipleHttp
Lime Proxies 10 Dedicated Proxies$9.99101IP, User/Password22MultipleHttp
Lime Proxies 25 Dedicated Proxies$24.99251IP, User/Password22MultipleHttp
Lime Proxies 100 Dedicated Proxies$99.991001IP, User/Password22MultipleHttp
Lime Proxies 250 Dedicated Proxies$249.992501IP, User/Password22MultipleHttp
Lime Proxies 500 Dedicated Proxies$499.995001IP, User/Password22MultipleHttp
Lime Proxies 1000 Dedicated Proxies$750.0010000.75IP, User/Password22MultipleHttp
Lime Proxies 2500 Dedicated Proxies$1,750.0025000.7IP, User/Password22MultipleHttp

2. ActProxy


ActProxy has been around since 2007 but only in it’s current form since 2015.

  • Multiple Cities and Subnets
  • 1Gbps Connection on all servers
  • Non Sequential IP’s
  • API Accessible Proxy Lists
  • 99% Uptime Guaranteed
  • Up to 100 Threads
  • User/Pass and IP Authentication
  • Highly Anonymous
ActProxy Dedicated Proxy Price Table
NamePriceProxy QuantityPrice/ProxyAuthorizationCity CountCountry CountSubnetsProxy Protocol
ActProxy 5 Dedicated Proxies$6.5051.3IP, User/Password205MultipleHttp, Socks4, Socks5
ActProxy 10 Dedicated Proxies$13.00101.3IP, User/Password205MultipleHttp, Socks4, Socks5
ActProxy 25 Dedicated Proxies$32.50251.3IP, User/Password205MultipleHttp, Socks4, Socks5
ActProxy 50 Dedicated Proxies$60.00501.2IP, User/Password205MultipleHttp, Socks4, Socks5
ActProxy 100 Dedicated Proxies$115.001001.15IP, User/Password205MultipleHttp, Socks4, Socks5
ActProxy 200 Dedicated Proxies$220.002001.1IP, User/Password205MultipleHttp, Socks4, Socks5
ActProxy 400 Dedicated Proxies$420.004001.05IP, User/Password205MultipleHttp, Socks4, Socks5
ActProxy 600 Dedicated Proxies$600.006001IP, User/Password205MultipleHttp, Socks4, Socks5
ActProxy 800 Dedicated Proxies$760.008000.95IP, User/Password205MultipleHttp, Socks4, Socks5

3. ProxyBlaze


ProxyBlaze has been a cheap Dedicated Proxy provider since 2010.

  • 100% Exclusive Private proxies
  • 100% High Anonymous Level1
  • Http and Socks5 Protocol
  • High ports ranging above 10k To 65K
  • All proxies hosted on 100Mbps connections
  • Non-sequential IP USA proxies
  • Proxies are alive 24/7 – 97% Uptime
  • Static IP that won’t ever change
ProxyBlaze Dedicated Proxy Price Table
NamePriceProxy QuantityPrice/ProxyAuthorizationCity CountCountry CountSubnetsProxy Protocol
ProxyBlaze 2 Dedicated Proxies$5.0022.5IP1unstatedSingleHttp, Socks5
ProxyBlaze 5 Dedicated Proxies$7.0051.4IP1unstatedSingleHttp, Socks5
ProxyBlaze 10 Dedicated Proxies$10.00101IP1unstatedSingleHttp, Socks5
ProxyBlaze 20 Dedicated Proxies$20.00201IP1unstatedSingleHttp, Socks5
ProxyBlaze 40 Dedicated Proxies$40.00401IP1unstatedSingleHttp, Socks5
ProxyBlaze 60 Dedicated Proxies$60.00601IP1unstatedSingleHttp, Socks5
ProxyBlaze 100 Dedicated Proxies$100.001001IP1unstatedSingleHttp, Socks5
ProxyBlaze 160 Dedicated Proxies$160.001601IP1unstatedSingleHttp, Socks5
ProxyBlaze 200 Dedicated Proxies$200.002001IP1unstatedSingleHttp, Socks5
ProxyBlaze 250 Dedicated Proxies$250.002501IP1unstatedSingleHttp, Socks5
ProxyBlaze 500 Dedicated Proxies$450.005000.9IP1unstatedSingleHttp, Socks5
ProxyBlaze 1000 Dedicated Proxies$800.0010000.8IP1unstatedSingleHttp, Socks5

4. Blazing Proxies


Blazing Proxies has been online since 2015 providing cheap dedicated proxies.

  • 1 Gbps Dedicated Network Lines
  • Instant Proxy delivery within 2 Minutes
  • Instantly Replace/Refresh bad proxies
  • Proxies in Seven countries around the world
  • Hundreds of Subnets Varying from A/B/C Classes
  • Support For HTTP, HTTPS, and SOCKS Proxies
Blazing Proxies Dedicated Proxy Price Table
NamePriceProxy QuantityPrice/ProxyAuthorizationCity CountCountry CountSubnetsProxy Protocol
Blazing Proxies 5 Dedicated Proxies U.S.$6.0051.2IP, User/Password191MultipleHttp, Https, Socks5
Blazing Proxies 10 Dedicated Proxies U.S.$12.00101.2IP, User/Password191MultipleHttp, Https, Socks5
Blazing Proxies 25 Dedicated Proxies U.S.$29.00251.16IP, User/Password191MultipleHttp, Https, Socks5
Blazing Proxies 50 Dedicated Proxies U.S.$58.00501.16IP, User/Password191MultipleHttp, Https, Socks5
Blazing Proxies 100 Dedicated Proxies U.S.$114.001001.14IP, User/Password191MultipleHttp, Https, Socks5
Blazing Proxies 200 Dedicated Proxies U.S.$228.002001.14IP, User/Password191MultipleHttp, Https, Socks5
Blazing Proxies 400 Dedicated Proxies U.S.$456.004001.14IP, User/Password191MultipleHttp, Https, Socks5


cheapest-dedicated-proxies-usaproxies-logo has been providing cheap dedicated proxies since 2011.

  • USA based proxy servers.
  • Completely Anonymous.
  • Unlimited Bandwidth usage
  • 1Gbps Internet connectivity
  • Http and Https protocols supported.
  • IP Address or Username/Password authentication.
  • Scrapebox, Pinterest, and Instagram supported. Dedicated Proxy Price Table
NamePriceProxy QuantityPrice/ProxyAuthorizationCity CountCountry CountSubnetsProxy Protocol 1 Dedicated Proxy$1.7011.7IP, User/Password11SingleHttp, Https 3 Dedicated Proxies$5.1031.7IP, User/Password11SingleHttp, Https 5 Dedicated Proxies$8.0851.62IP, User/Password11SingleHttp, Https 10 Dedicated Proxies$15.30101.53IP, User/Password11SingleHttp, Https 15 Dedicated Proxies$22.95151.53IP, User/Password11SingleHttp, Https 20 Dedicated Proxies$28.90201.45IP, User/Password11SingleHttp, Https 25 Dedicated Proxies$40.80251.63IP, User/Password11SingleHttp, Https 30 Dedicated Proxies$43.20301.44IP, User/Password11SingleHttp, Https 40 Dedicated Proxies$54.40401.36IP, User/Password11SingleHttp, Https 50 Dedicated Proxies$63.75501.28IP, User/Password11SingleHttp, Https

6. ezProxies


ezProxies has provided cheap dedicated proxies to customers since 2010.

  • Highly Anonymous
  • HTTP and HTTPS proxies
  • USA and UK located proxy servers
  • 24/7 Phone, Chat, and Ticket Support
  • Socks5 Proxies available by request
ezProxies Dedicated Proxy Price Table
NamePriceProxy QuantityPrice/ProxyAuthorizationCity CountCountry CountSubnetsProxy Protocol
ezProxies 10 Dedicated Proxies$20.00102IP, User/Passwordunstated2unstatedHttp, Https
ezProxies 25 Dedicated Proxies$47.00251.88IP, User/Passwordunstated2unstatedHttp, Https
ezProxies 50 Dedicated Proxies$90.00501.8IP, User/Passwordunstated2unstatedHttp, Https
ezProxies 100 Dedicated Proxies$150.001001.5IP, User/Passwordunstated2unstatedHttp, Https
ezProxies 250 Dedicated Proxies$350.002501.4IP, User/Passwordunstated2unstatedHttp, Https
ezProxies 500 Dedicated Proxies$600.005001.2IP, User/Passwordunstated2unstatedHttp, Https

7. StormProxies


StormProxies has been online and serving cheap dedicated proxies since 2015.

  • Automatic and Instantly delivered proxies
  • High Speed 1Gbps optimized network
  • Unlimited Bandwidth, no hidden fees
  • 2 Hour Money-Back Guarantee
  • Virgin IP Addresses
  • 24/7 Email Support
  • Highly Anonymous
StormProxies Dedicated Proxy Price Table
NamePriceProxy QuantityPrice/ProxyAuthorizationCity CountCountry CountSubnetsProxy Protocol
StormProxies 5 Dedicated Proxies$10.0052IP, User/Password31unstatedHttp, Https
StormProxies 10 Dedicated Proxies$20.00102IP, User/Password31unstatedHttp, Https
StormProxies 20 Dedicated Proxies$40.00202IP, User/Password31unstatedHttp, Https
StormProxies 30 Dedicated Proxies$54.00301.8IP, User/Password31unstatedHttp, Https
StormProxies 50 Dedicated Proxies$80.00501.6IP, User/Password31unstatedHttp, Https
StormProxies 100 Dedicated Proxies$140.001001.4IP, User/Password31unstatedHttp, Https
StormProxies 200 Dedicated Proxies$240.002001.2IP, User/Password31unstatedHttp, Https
StormProxies 400 Dedicated Proxies$400.004001IP, User/Password31unstatedHttp, Https

8. Mexela


Mexela has been up and running since 2014 providing cheap dedicated proxies.

  • API to automatically download proxy list
  • 300k Proxies in 7+ countries around the world
  • Unlimited Bandwidth on all proxy plans
  • Option to have new proxies each month
  • Http/Https Proxy protocols
  • Fast in-house support
  • Highly Anonymous
Mexela Dedicated Proxy Price Table
NamePriceProxy QuantityPrice/ProxyAuthorizationCity CountCountry CountSubnetsProxy Protocol
Mexela 5 Dedicated Proxies$10.0052IP, User/Passwordunstated5MultipleHttp, Https
Mexela 10 Dedicated Proxies$20.00102IP, User/Passwordunstated5MultipleHttp, Https
Mexela 20 Dedicated Proxies$40.00202IP, User/Passwordunstated5MultipleHttp, Https
Mexela 40 Dedicated Proxies$70.00401.75IP, User/Passwordunstated5MultipleHttp, Https
Mexela 60 Dedicated Proxies$100.00601.67IP, User/Passwordunstated5MultipleHttp, Https
Mexela 80 Dedicated Proxies$130.00801.63IP, User/Passwordunstated5MultipleHttp, Https
Mexela 100 Dedicated Proxies$150.001001.5IP, User/Passwordunstated5MultipleHttp, Https
Mexela 200 Dedicated Proxies$290.002001.45IP, User/Passwordunstated5MultipleHttp, Https
Mexela 500 Dedicated Proxies$650.005001.3IP, User/Passwordunstated5MultipleHttp, Https


cheapest-dedicated-proxies-iplease-io-logo is a fairly new provider of cheap dedicated proxies having only been around since 2017.

  • Unlimited Bandwidth and 100 threads per proxy
  • Fast Loading 1Gbps performance connections
  • Highly Anonymous – all headers disabled
  • Proxies from Europe and United States
  • Fully automated proxy control panel
  • Free Monthly proxy refresh/randomize
  • Proxies delivered in an hour or less
  • 24/7 Ticket/Chat support Dedicated Proxy Price Table
NamePriceProxy QuantityPrice/ProxyAuthorizationCity CountCountry CountSubnetsProxy Protocol 1 Dedicated Proxy$2.1012.1IP, User/Passwordunstated3unstatedHttp, Https 5 Dedicated Proxies$10.2552.05IP, User/Passwordunstated3unstatedHttp, Https 10 Dedicated Proxies$20.00102IP, User/Passwordunstated3unstatedHttp, Https 20 Dedicated Proxies$39.00201.95IP, User/Passwordunstated3unstatedHttp, Https 30 Dedicated Proxies$57.00301.9IP, User/Passwordunstated3unstatedHttp, Https 40 Dedicated Proxies$74.00401.85IP, User/Passwordunstated3unstatedHttp, Https 50 Dedicated Proxies$90.00501.8IP, User/Passwordunstated3unstatedHttp, Https 75 Dedicated Proxies$131.25751.75IP, User/Passwordunstated3unstatedHttp, Https 100 Dedicated Proxies$170.001001.7IP, User/Passwordunstated3unstatedHttp, Https 200 Dedicated Proxies$320.002001.6IP, User/Passwordunstated3unstatedHttp, Https 500 Dedicated Proxies$750.005001.5IP, User/Passwordunstated3unstatedHttp, Https 1000 Dedicated Proxies$1,350.0010001.35IP, User/Passwordunstated3unstatedHttp, Https


cheapest-dedicated-proxies-buyproxies-org-logo has been selling cheap dedicated proxies to customers since 2011.

  • Unlimited Bandwidth for Unlimited Dreams!
  • Hundred of Locations around the world
  • API for retrieving proxies via script
  • 24/7 Maniac support, even on holidays
  • IP and User/Pass proxy authentication
  • Option to have New Proxies monthly Dedicated Proxy Price Table
NamePriceProxy QuantityPrice/ProxyAuthorizationCity CountCountry CountSubnetsProxy Protocol
BuyProxies 5 Dedicated Proxies$10.0052IP, User/Passwordunstated8MultipleHttp, Https
BuyProxies 10 Dedicated Proxies$20.00102IP, User/Passwordunstated8MultipleHttp, Https
BuyProxies 20 Dedicated Proxies$40.00202IP, User/Passwordunstated8MultipleHttp, Https
BuyProxies 30 Dedicated Proxies$50.00301.67IP, User/Passwordunstated8MultipleHttp, Https
BuyProxies 50 Dedicated Proxies$80.00501.6IP, User/Passwordunstated8MultipleHttp, Https
BuyProxies 100 Dedicated Proxies$150.001001.5IP, User/Passwordunstated8MultipleHttp, Https

11. Proxy-Hub


Proxy-Hub has been providing the internet with dedicated proxies since 2012.

  • Unlimited Bandwidth on all proxies
  • DIY User/Pass and IP authorization
  • Request New Proxies each month
  • API to Retrieve Active Proxies
  • No SEO Software Restrictions
  • Non-Sequential IP Range
  • Quality Support
Proxy-Hub Dedicated Proxy Price Table
NamePriceProxy QuantityPrice/ProxyAuthorizationCity CountCountry CountSubnetsProxy Protocol
Proxy-Hub 10 Dedicated Proxies$20.00102IP, User/Password741MultipleHttp, Https
Proxy-Hub 20 Dedicated Proxies$40.00202IP, User/Password741MultipleHttp, Https
Proxy-Hub 30 Dedicated Proxies$55.00301.83IP, User/Password741MultipleHttp, Https
Proxy-Hub 40 Dedicated Proxies$75.00401.88IP, User/Password741MultipleHttp, Https
Proxy-Hub 50 Dedicated Proxies$90.00501.8IP, User/Password741MultipleHttp, Https
Proxy-Hub 100 Dedicated Proxies$185.001001.85IP, User/Password741MultipleHttp, Https

12. Squid Proxies


Squid Proxies started selling dedicated proxies way back in 2010.

  • Unlimited Bandwidth – No Usage Restrictions
  • HTTP/HTTPS proxies for browsers and bots
  • Multiple IP Subnets from various cities
  • Non-Sequential IPs from various subnets
  • 24/7 Support – Fast Response Time
  • Highly Anonymous – Hide your IP
  • Request Fresh IPs Monthly
Squid Proxies Dedicated Proxy Price Table
NamePriceProxy QuantityPrice/ProxyAuthorizationCity CountCountry CountSubnetsProxy Protocol
Squid Proxies 10 Private Proxies SPP-10$24.00102.4IP210MultipleHttp, Https
Squid Proxies 25 Private Proxies SPP-25$48.00251.92IP310MultipleHttp, Https
Squid Proxies 50 Private Proxies SPP-50$87.00501.74IP410MultipleHttp, Https
Squid Proxies 100 Private Proxies SPP-100$160.001001.6IP510MultipleHttp, Https
Squid Proxies 200 Private Proxies SPP-200$290.002001.45IP610MultipleHttp, Https
Squid Proxies 350 Private Proxies SPP-350$455.003501.3IP710MultipleHttp, Https
Squid Proxies 500 Private Proxies SPP-500$575.005001.15IP810MultipleHttp, Https
Squid Proxies 1000 Private Proxies SPP-1000$910.0010000.91IP910MultipleHttp, Https
Squid Proxies 2000 Private Proxies SPP-2000$1,500.0020000.75IP1010MultipleHttp, Https

13. High Proxies


High Proxies has been up in it’s current form since 2016 selling dedicated proxies.

  • 1000Mbps high performance connections
  • Hosted on 16GB Xeon Servers
  • Multiple cities/Locations
  • Randomize IPs Monthly
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Multiple IP Subnets
  • Highly Anonymous
High Proxies Dedicated Proxy Price Table
NamePriceProxy QuantityPrice/ProxyAuthorizationCity CountCountry CountSubnetsProxy Protocol
High Proxies 1 Dedicated Proxy$2.3012.3IP, User/Password267SingleHttp, Https
High Proxies 5 Dedicated Proxies$11.5052.3IP, User/Password267MultipleHttp, Https
High Proxies 10 Dedicated Proxies$22.00102.2IP, User/Password267MultipleHttp, Https
High Proxies 20 Dedicated Proxies$42.00202.1IP, User/Password267MultipleHttp, Https
High Proxies 50 Dedicated Proxies$85.00501.7IP, User/Password267MultipleHttp, Https
High Proxies 100 Dedicated Proxies$168.001001.68IP, User/Password267MultipleHttp, Https
High Proxies 200 Dedicated Proxies$329.002001.65IP, User/Password267MultipleHttp, Https
High Proxies 500 Dedicated Proxies$745.005001.49IP, User/Password267MultipleHttp, Https
High Proxies 1000 Dedicated Proxies$1,400.0010001.4IP, User/Password267MultipleHttp, Https


cheapest-dedicated-proxies-privateproxy-me-logo is relatively new in the dedicated proxy game, their website just around since 2017.

  • Elite Highly Anonymous Proxies
  • Owned Servers – Not Reselling
  • Http/Https Protocol Proxies
  • Proxies in US and Europe
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Instant Activation Dedicated Proxy Price Table
NamePriceProxy QuantityPrice/ProxyAuthorizationCity CountCountry CountSubnetsProxy Protocol 3 Dedicated Proxies Starter$9.0033IP, User/Passwordunstated4unstatedHttp, Https 13 Dedicated Proxies Starter$29.00132.23IP, User/Passwordunstated4unstatedHttp, Https 30 Dedicated Proxies Professional$59.00301.97IP, User/Passwordunstated4unstatedHttp, Https 40 Dedicated Proxies Business$80.00402IP, User/Passwordunstated4unstatedHttp, Https 50 Dedicated Proxies Business$99.00501.98IP, User/Passwordunstated4unstatedHttp, Https 100 Dedicated Proxies Corporate$180.001001.8IP, User/Passwordunstated4unstatedHttp, Https 300 Dedicated Proxies Enterprise$525.003001.75IP, User/Passwordunstated4unstatedHttp, Https 500 Dedicated Proxies Enterprise$825.005001.65IP, User/Passwordunstated4unstatedHttp, Https 1000 Dedicated Proxies Bulk$1,500.0010001.5IP, User/Passwordunstated4unstatedHttp, Https

15. Proxy-n-VPN


Proxy-n-VPN have been providing proxy users with dedicated proxies since 2013.

  • 1000Mbps Fast Servers
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Non Sequential IPs
  • 99% Uptime Guaranteed
  • High Anonymous
  • 24/7/365 Live support
  • 3 Day Money-Back Guarantee
Proxy-n-VPN Dedicated Proxy Price Table
NamePriceProxy QuantityPrice/ProxyAuthorizationCity CountCountry CountSubnetsProxy Protocol
Proxy-N-VPN 1 Dedicated Proxy$2.3512.35unstated303SingleHttp, Https
Proxy-N-VPN 5 Dedicated Proxies$11.5052.3unstated303MultipleHttp, Https
Proxy-N-VPN 10 Dedicated Proxies$22.65102.27unstated303MultipleHttp, Https
Proxy-N-VPN 20 Dedicated Proxies$43.00202.15unstated303MultipleHttp, Https
Proxy-N-VPN 50 Dedicated Proxies$86.00501.72unstated303MultipleHttp, Https
Proxy-N-VPN 100 Dedicated Proxies$169.001001.69unstated303MultipleHttp, Https
Proxy-N-VPN 150 Dedicated Proxies$249.001501.66unstated303MultipleHttp, Https
Proxy-N-VPN 200 Dedicated Proxies$328.002001.64unstated303MultipleHttp, Https
Proxy-N-VPN 500 Dedicated Proxies$750.005001.5unstated303MultipleHttp, Https
Proxy-N-VPN 1000 Dedicated Proxies$1,390.0010001.39unstated303MultipleHttp, Https

Full Dedicated Proxy Plans of 2020 Comparison Chart

Here’s the full Dedicated Proxies Comparison Table. Be patient though, there’s a lot of dedicated proxy plans that it must sort through!

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