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Best Sneaker Proxies for Nike/Adidas/Supreme Bots in 2020


Last Updated on October 29, 2020

Limited edition kicks and highly sought after colorways of popular shoes keep getting harder to get, every sneakerhead knows this. Shoe manufacturers like Adidas, Yeezy, Nike, and Air Jordan know this too, and they continue to release sneakers in limited quantities to keep the prices high and the hype even higher!

The difficulty getting good sneakers only gets worse each year as more and more people get a taste for limited release sneakers and other designer shoes. Re-sellers are happier making higher profits reselling shoes than ever before – the secondary sneaker market moves way more money each year than the retail market!

Unless you want to pay reseller/flipper prices to get the limited Jordans/Nikes/Yeezys you’ve been eyeballing, it’s pretty much guaranteed that you will have to use a bot and some proxies to cop those kicks online. Most of us don’t live in LA or NYC and can’t just wait in line at stores the sneakers are dropping at, and a good majority of sneakers don’t ever even see a brick-and-mortar store and are ONLY sold online!

Best Shoe Proxies for 2020

(In order alphabetically, not of superiority.)


ActProxy doesn’t explicitly support shoe/sneaker proxies, but they’re cheap enough and have a 3 day money-back guarantee that it might be worth taking a chance with them if you aren’t having luck with other proxy providers on certain shoe and footsites. Some people have reported success.


ATCProxys provides , , , , , , , , , , , and website proxies.

ATCProxys also explicitly supports , , , , , , , , , , and Taskbot sneaker bots.

Blazing Proxies

Blazing Proxies provides general shoe proxies, but does not guarantee success with any specific shoe/footsites.

Blazing Proxies explicitly supports , , , and bots.

NOTE: Blazing SEO does state their shoe proxies do NOT work at or, however, Twitter shows good results using Blazing Proxies at Champs Sports, Eastbay, Footaction, Foot Locker, Yeezy Supply, and others. (Mileage may vary) provides , , , and website proxies. provides , , , , , , , , , , , , , and website proxies.


Mexela provides and website proxies.


MyPrivateProxy provides , , , , , , , , , , , , and website proxies.


RotatingProxies provides , , and website proxies.


SSLPrivateProxy provides , , , , , , , , , , , , , and website proxies.

SSLPrivateProxy explicitly supports the sneaker bot.


StormProxies provides , , , , , , and website proxies.

StormProxies explicitly supports , , , , , , , , , and sneaker bots.

Some botters report success using rotating/backconnect proxies, mostly of the residential variety, here are some to check out:

Best Tips for Using Sneaker Proxies and Shoe Bots:

Do NOT Test Shoe Proxies against Footsites.

Lots of proxy sites on the web recommend checking/testing your proxies with “proxy testers” or “proxy checkers” to make sure they are functioning properly. Proxy providers even offer online proxy checkers on their websites to test proxies by just pasting in a list of proxies and clicking a button. This is fine if you just want to make sure your proxies are actually working and aren’t deathly slow or gone bad – just test them against a common website that isn’t proxy related like Google or Yahoo. Do NOT test your sneaker proxies with a checker/tester that will run them against the shoe/sneaker site you are going to use them on with your sneaker bot.

If you do run your sneaker proxies through a checker that tries them against major sneaker sites like,, and SupremeNewYork, it’s pretty much guaranteed that your proxies will get marked for suspicious behavior and banned from the shoe site before you even get to run them on your sneaker bot. If you must check your sneaker proxies with the sneaker site you plan on using them at, just set the proxy in your browser manually and browse the shoe site like a normal internet user, not a bot or proxy checker. This still isn’t recommended, but it’s safer than letting a proxy checker tool run the chance of getting your sneaker proxies banned.

Keep in mind though – if you bought proxies from a reputable proxy provider that were specifically for sneaker/shoe websites, it should be guaranteed that they will work properly. You should only have to check your proxies against shoe sites if you are trying out regular “dedicated” or “shared” proxies that weren’t technically the best choice to be used as sneaker/shoe proxies.

Do NOT Bot Sneaker Proxies at Max Threads.

If using sneaker proxies with shoe bots, which is generally the point of sneaker proxies, do NOT let your bots run at full capacity/threads! A great way to get your shoe proxies banned in a hurry is to blast the shit out of a shoe site with hundreds of requests a minute per proxy. This is even more true when using just a handful or proxies as opposed to using hundreds of proxies. They shoe site’s server will see the suspicious automated activity, flag it, and then ban the IP address which makes your proxy useless. If you’ve got all of your proxies firing at max threads, this can happen to all of the proxies before your even realize and now all of your sneaker proxies have become useless in a matter of minutes. If your proxies are all from the same location and on the same subnet, you will probably get the whole IP block banned as well – which can screw over more people than just yourself as well. If enough of your proxy provider’s IP blocks keep getting banned from sneaker sites they might stop offering sneaker proxies to you, or just completely stop selling them altogether.

The main focus to copping sneakers with bots should not be quantity, but quality. If you have good proxies that are fast and stable, your should get sneakers in your shopping carts.

Get the Right Sneaker Proxies for the Shoe Bot You Use.

While carting shoes requires good sneaker proxies, and good sneaker proxies have fast speeds and stability, there are also some other differences to pay attention to while searching for the best sneaker proxies. Different shoe websites run on different servers in different places around the country, and some have better proxy detection in place than others. Therefore it’s best to pay attention to the shoe websites that sneaker proxy providers list on their sales pages. If you are botting sneakers from Nike then it’s a good idea to get proxies that support, and if you are going after Adidas kicks then you should probably get proxies. If you are running bots on multiple footsites you might have to get multiple sets of proxies, perhaps even from different sneaker proxy providers. Remember to pay attention to store countries as well – U.S. Nike proxies probably won’t fair too well if you use them to bot a U.K. Nike website, and U.K. Adidas Proxies probably aren’t the best choice if you are botting the U.S. Adidas website. Don’t overlook sneaker website countries, and assume the proxies are just for the U.S. websites unless otherwise stated.

In the past it was fair to say that the best sneaker proxies were the ones located as close as possible to the datacenters hosting the shoe websites. This was mainly because the closer your end-point proxy is to the datacenter hosting the sneaker website the lower your ping will be, and a lower ping is always better for stability and speed to beat other shoe botters to checkout. However, in recent times it’s become apparent that checking out too fast with bots actually creates fake “ghost orders” that don’t actually go through, especially when botting the Supreme and Adidas websites. However, sneaker proxy stability really comes into play when dealing with the various “anti-bot” steps that sneaker websites have put into place to thwart sneaker botters, such as captchas and splash pages that make you wait in a virtual line before checking out. Unstable proxies will drop their connection while waiting at the splash page or doing the captcha, while stable proxies are able to maintain their connection. Sneaker proxy stability is actually MORE important than proxy speed with a lot of the shoe websites that create fake “Ghost orders”. This is also why sneaker bots have a built-in delay setting for placing orders in case you were wondering why you would want a delay.

For these reasons a lot of sneaker proxy providers don’t list what cities their proxies are located in because they feel it doesn’t matter as long as the sneaker proxies are fast and stable. If you still want to know where your sneaker proxies are located and it’s not stated on the sneaker proxy provider’s website then just contact them and ask. And if you still want to try and get sneaker proxies as close to the shoe website’s hosting datacenter then use a tool like IPinfo – IP Checker to find out the IP address of a website and where it’s located, but use some common sense – for example, the U.S. Adidas website seems to be hosted in Germany, but using German proxies to bot a U.S. geared website probably won’t yield the best results. 😉

Keep Track of Shoe Purchases and Sneaker Proxy History.

The last tip is probably the most tedious but might even be the most important if you fail to follow the previous sneaker proxy tips. It’s a pain, but you should take record of all purchases made using sneaker proxies and sneaker bots. Keep track of which sneaker proxies worked for which shoe sites, along with which bot you were using on the shoe site if you use multiple bots. Obviously you should track which proxies got banned as well, especially if using regular dedicated proxies instead of sneaker proxies meant especially for shoe sites. I would recommend an Excel spreadsheet with columns such as “Proxy”, “Proxy Provider”, “Purchase”, “Bot”, and “Ban” along with a new sheet in the spreadsheet for new drops/days that the bots were ran on. Extra columns in the Excel spreadsheet for more detailed record keeping might include “Bot Delay”, “Bot Threads”, and “Start/Stop Times”. Then I’d keep the Excel spreadsheet in Dropbox so it can be accessed whenever needed from any device. Another cross-platform option would be notes with tables kept in an Evernote notebook.

Obviously this will seem like a pointless and tedious task done for no reason at first. But after experimenting and playing the sneaker bot game, you will start to see patterns in your sneaker proxy purchase notes. After a while it should be easy to see which sneaker proxies are working best with which bots. And even if using cheap dedicated proxies, or pricey rotating residential proxies, you’ll be able to track which proxies have had the best luck from which shoe sites and see a pattern for which proxy providers are working out the best. Obviously tracking which proxies have been banned so you can stop using them and request a new proxy from your proxy provider if possible.

So.. even if you ignore the first three tips: Don’t Test Sneaker Proxies against Shoe Sites, Don’t Run Sneaker Bots Full-Throttle, and Get the Correct Proxies for the Store you are Botting – The fourth tip to Track Proxy Purchases will at least have you running better than just taking shots in the dark. 😂

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