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Best Sneaker Proxies for Nike/Adidas/Supreme Bots in 2018


The best kicks keep getting harder and harder to cop, and it’s not just by chance. Sneaker designers/manufacturers like Adidas, Yeezy, and Jordan, know that by keeping their most sought after shoes and colors released in limited numbers they can charge higher prices, while their every-day shoes that are sold to the masses remain cheap.

The problem gets even worse each year, and sneakers get even harder to buy, because more and more people are getting a taste for designer shoes. Plus, profit margins are so high that re-sellers are jumping at the chance to make some money off the secondary shoe market. To get limited Nikes/Jordans/Yeezys online these days, a bot and proxies are pretty much a requirement. Unless.. you have simultaneous access to multiple high-speed internet connections and have the fastest hands in the west… but most of us don’t, so a bot and proxies are needed.

Long gone are the days of walking into Foot Locker or FinishLine to get the latest limited-release Jordans, if you try you’ll probably just end up going home with some Dunks. ????

Best Shoe Proxies for 2018

(In order alphabetically, not of superiority.)

Act Proxy provides shoe proxies, but does not guarantee success.

NOTE: ActProxy does not support sneaker/shoe proxies, but they are cheap and have a money-back guarantee so might be worth a shot if you aren’t having luck with a certain footsites using other proxy providers. Some people do report success, however.

ATC Proxys provides Adidas, Champs Sports, Eastbay, Finish Line, Foot Locker, Footaction, Kith, Naked, Nike, OctobersVeryOwn, SneakersnStuff, SupremeNewYork, and Yeezy Supply website proxies.

Price Range: $10/day for 10 Proxies – $700/mo for 250 Proxies

Blazing Proxies provides general shoe proxies, but does not guarantee success with any specific shoe/footsites.

NOTE: Blazing SEO does state their shoe proxies do NOT work at or, however, Twitter shows good results using Blazing Proxies at Champs Sports, Eastbay, Footaction, Foot Locker, Yeezy Supply, and others. (Mileage may vary)

Price Range: $337.50/mo for 150 Proxies – $2250/mo for 1000 Proxies (Plans of 50-149 available at request.)

Buy Proxies provides Adidas, Finish Line, Nike, and SupremeNewYork website proxies.

Price Range: $150/mo for 50 Proxies – $600/mo for 200 Proxies

Mexela provides Adidas, Barneys, Eastbay, Finish Line, Nike, and SupremeNewYork website proxies.

Price Range: $150/mo for 50 Proxies – $300/mo for 100 Proxies

My Private Proxy provides Adidas, Barneys, BdgaStore, Champs Sports, Eastbay, Finish Line, Footaction, Foot Locker, MrPorter, Nike, SlamJamSocialism, Supreme, and Yeezy Supply website proxies.

Price Range: $65/mo for 22 Proxies – $520/mo for 250 Proxies provides shoe proxies.

NOTE: may not be offering sneaker/shoe proxies any longer since their recent site/service changes..

Proxy Key provides and Supreme and shoe proxies.

Price Range: Currently Out of Stock

SSL Private Proxy provides Adidas, Barneys, Champs Sports, Eastbay, Finish Line, Footaction, Foot Locker, Hanon-Shop, MrPorter, Nike, Offspring, SlamJamSocialism, SneakersnStuff, and SupremeNewYork website proxies.

Price Range: $650/mo for 250 Proxies – $1250/mo for 500 Proxies

Star Proxies provides shoe proxies.

NOTE: The Star Proxies website was down for long periods recently, support is practically non-existent, and they just wipe affiliate earnings instead of paying… so although they advertise shoe proxies it may be best to avoid them until their website/support/ethical issues are taken care of.

Price Range: $90/mo for 30 Proxies – $550/mo for 250 Proxies

Some botters report success using rotating/backconnect proxies, mostly of the residential variety, here are some to check out:

More About Shoe Proxies and Sneaker Bots

Tips for Using Shoe Proxies to Bot Sneakers:

Do NOT Test Shoe Proxies against Footsites.

Most proxy related sites, as well as proxy providers, recommend testing your proxies with a “proxy checker” or “proxy tester” to confirm that they are working. Some proxy sellers even provide you with free proxy checkers on their website to use. Whatever you do, do NOT run your shoe proxies through a proxy checker and have it check the proxies against the sneaker/shoe websites you plan to use the proxies on! It’s almost certain that your new shoe proxies will be flagged for suspicious activity by the sneaker websites and get banned before you even get to use them. If you really feel the need to run your shoe proxies through a proxy checker, check them against a big site that you don’t mind them getting banned from like Wikipedia or Yahoo. However, if you got your sneaker proxies from a reputable source they should be good to go, that’s why you paid top-dollar for them!

If for some crazy reason you still feel the absolute need to check your shoe proxies against shoe websites, it would be best to set the proxy in your browser and just browse the website like a normal, real, person. Still, not recommended though.

Do NOT Run Sneaker Bots Full-Throttle.

If you are using your shoe proxies with sneaker bots, and you probably are, do NOT run your bots at max thread-count/capacity! This is especially true if you are using a small amount of proxies versus a large amount, or if using multiple bots with the same set of proxies! A Sure-fire way to get your shoe proxies banned by sneaker sites is to hammer the shit out of their servers with dozens of requests a second from a few dozen proxies – However, the same goes for hundreds of requests per second from hundreds of proxies – they will see it, they will flag it, and they will ban your shoe proxies.. They’ll probably even ban your whole IP block even if you weren’t even using all of the IP addresses in it. That’s how it goes, and that’s why shoe proxy providers closely monitor their shoe proxy customers and will stop selling to users who abuse their shoe proxies and continually get them banned.

They key to copping kicks with bots is quality, not quantity. If you have stable proxies and a good bot, you will get shoes added to your shopping cart.

Use the Correct Proxies for the Store you are Botting.

If the key to carting shoes is quality shoe proxies, and the key to quality shoe proxies is stability and speed… then it makes sense to pay attention to what shoe proxies you are getting. If you only plan to bot, get Nike Proxies, and if you plan to bot, then get Adidas proxies. If you plan to bot multiple retailer websites as well as footsites, you may have to get multiple sets of sneaker proxies or a large package of shoe proxies and then divide it yourself before using them. It would also be wise to pay attention to geographic location of the proxies you are using because it’s best to use U.S. proxies when botting U.S. store websites, U.K. proxies when botting U.K. stores, Japanese proxies for Japanese sites, etc.

It’s also recommended by many to get proxies that are located as close as possible to the actual data-centers that the store websites operate from. Some try to get as close as being the same city, in order to have the lowest ping possible. Ping definitely used to be a major factor in getting through checkout the fastest, but most shoe websites have started implementing splash pages that force customers to wait in imaginary lines like it’s Black Friday. How their systems for choosing who gets to cop and who doesn’t is still a mystery, but one thing is becoming more clear – fast/low ping is not that important, and being too fast can actually do more harm than good. To help thwart this, many bots now have customizable delay options to use during checkout. However, having extremely high/slow ping isn’t going to help either, so always use proxies from reputable sneaker proxy providers unless you are able to rent a VPS and setup proxies yourself (which most people are not).

Track Proxy Purchase and Usage History.

This tip is probably the most painstaking but also the most rewarding. It’s a pain in the ass because you should be tracking statistics and dates regarding what bots were used on each proxy, what websites the proxies were use for, any successful purchases made with each proxy, as well as any bans from websites a proxy receives. I recommend an Excel spreadsheet in Dropbox so you can access it whenever you need, or perhaps Evernote.

The rewarding part of tracking your shoe proxy/botting usage is that you will eventually be able to see which proxies work best for which sneaker sites, you will know which proxies have made lots of recent purchases and should probably take a rest, as well as what possible reasons may have lead to any proxy bans you caught. For this reason, the more detailed stats you keep the better. Some suggested statistics to keep: Proxies used (obviously), Bots used, Time bots were Started/Stopped, Thread Count used, Delay Settings used, and completed sales.

A Brief History on Shoe Proxies and Sneaker Bots:

Why are Footsite Proxies Needed for Buying Shoes?

Footsite/Shoe proxies are needed when buying shoes from almost every big online retailer including: Nike, Adidas, FinishLine, Footaction, Foot Locker, and especially the designer “boutique” sites like SupremeNewYork. Shoe proxy usage got started because certain sneaker websites would release their shoes, for instance, at midnight and people in later timezones could buy shoes before other people in earlier timezones. Therefore, people on the East Coast of the United States would buy up all the shoes before people on the West Coast even had the option to make a purchase!

Of course, re-sellers figured this out pretty quick and would buy up as much inventory as they could because they knew they could sell it with a hefty mark-up, due to the increasing demand. Eventually other re-sellers figured out what was going on and started using proxies to change their computer’s IP address, and therefore their timezone, allowing them to make sneaker purchases like other re-sellers in later timezones. Initially, any proxy would do for buying limited-release sneakers online because the main reason they were used was just for bypassing time restrictions and the shoe sites didn’t really care. (Learn more about proxy basics here)

What happened next was a steady rise in prices for designers shoes on the secondary market, which caused consumers to get smart. Eventually sneaker heads figured out that all they had to do was use proxies and they could just order their own shoes at retail price rather than paying inflated prices to re-sellers. Then, the sneaker game got real cutthroat when some nerd with good taste in shoes decided to make a bot that used proxies to buy sneakers automatically when they were released rather than manually. Realistically, it was probably some guy in India that got paid a few USD dollars an hour by a sneaker head to do the coding, but the end result was the same.

Word of the Nike/Jordan bot got out, and as with all things on the internet, it was eventually leaked, duplicated, and mimicked. Shoe sites started getting hammered by thousands of requests a second on release dates by people with bots trying to get the latest shoes for their collection and re-sellers trying to fill up their inventory. Limited-release sneakers went from selling out in a few hours to selling out in just minutes. Secondary market prices for shoes skyrocketed, and it’s never been the same since. (Learn more about sneaker/shoe bots here)

To try and fix the problem, online shoe retailers try to combat the sneaker bots by blocking proxies. They also limit how many shoes could be bought by a single IP address. When proxies are configured properly they don’t look like proxies, but there are other ways to tell if an IP address comes from a block of IP addresses commonly used by a proxy provider – and that’s the main way footsites try to block proxies. To get around these proxy limitations, proxy providers started offering special proxies that they usually refer to as “Shoe Proxies“, “Sneaker Proxies“, “Footsite Proxies“, as well as more targeted names like “Nike Proxies”, “Adidas Proxies”, and “Supreme Proxies”.

These Shoe Proxies are the same as regular proxies except they are generally from IP address blocks that haven’t been used as proxies before, known as “Virgin IPs”, and they aren’t shared with other proxy users. Because of a Shoe Proxy’s pristine condition, and the fact that proxy providers generally only sell large quantities of sneaker proxies – usually whole IP address blocks – Shoe Proxies are rather expensive compared to regular dedicated proxies.

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  1. Would recommend trying Smartproxy. Excellent provider, haven’t had any issues so far. Worked well both with Nike and Adidas bots, did not have a chance to check with Supreme bot though.

    1. Agreed, they got some quality proxies down there. Used with AIO bot, that one is a charm.

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