Footsite/Sneaker Proxies

Proxy Providers that support proxies for shoe/sneaker bots don’t all support the same footsite/shopping sites. Here is a master list of which proxy provider to use depending on what shoe/sneaker/shopping sites you are botting. Footsite/Sneaker/Shopping Website Proxy Providers: Proxy Provider List: Proxy Provider List: Proxy Provider List: Proxy Provider List: […]

How to Use Proxies

Proxies seem pretty complicated but in reality they are simple to use. Most major web-browsers support the use of a proxy, as well as many other internet-based applications from internet-messaging apps to BitTorrent apps. There are even applications known as “proxifiers” that will allow you to use a proxy with software that doesn’t support proxies […]

What’s the Difference Between HTTP Proxies and SOCKS Proxies?

There are only two types of proxy protocols – HTTP (Hypertext Transfer Protocol) proxies and SOCKS (Secure Socket) proxies. Although they are similar in that they both route internet traffic through a remote server, they operate very differently from each other and because of that also have very different uses. If you’re currently looking to […]