Footsite/Sneaker Proxies

Proxy Providers that support proxies for shoe/sneaker bots don’t all support the same footsite/shopping sites. Here is a master list of which proxy provider to use depending on what shoe/sneaker/shopping sites you are botting. Footsite/Sneaker/Shopping Website Proxy Providers: Proxy Provider List: Proxy Provider List: Proxy Provider List: Proxy Provider List: […]

How to Use Proxies

Proxies seem pretty complicated but in reality they are simple to use. Most major web-browsers support the use of a proxy, as well as many other internet-based applications from internet-messaging apps to BitTorrent apps. There are even applications known as “proxifiers” that will allow you to use a proxy with software that doesn’t support proxies […]

What’s the Difference Between HTTP Proxies and SOCKS Proxies?

There are only two types of proxy protocols – HTTP (Hypertext Transfer Protocol) proxies and SOCKS (Secure Socket) proxies. Although they are similar in that they both route internet traffic through a remote server, they operate very differently from each other and because of that also have very different uses. If you’re currently looking to […]

ATC Proxys

ATC Proxys Features: ATC Proxys offers Dedicated Proxies geared for practically every major sneaker and shoe selling website plus some obscure footsites as well. The “ATC” in ATC Proxys stands for “Add to Cart” since most users of sneaker/shoe/footsite proxies use Add-to-Cart bots to do their shopping. ATC Proxys are guaranteed to work with various […]

Star Proxies

Star Proxies Features: 99.9% Uptime Guarantee Star Proxies have a 100% uptime guarantee with lightning fast 1Gbps unlimited bandwidth on super powerful servers. State of the art hardware Star Proxies servers operate at maximum efficiency on the best possible hardware technology available. 24/7 Customer Support Star Proxies has a Dedicated support team always available to […] Features: Dedicated Private US Proxies These are yours alone to use, from a single USA proxy to 50 or more proxies. Shared Private US Proxies These are shared with up to a max. of 5 users total. Ticketmaster Proxies These are exclusive proxies that work with AXS Proxies These are private proxies that […] Features: 100% Compatibility proxies are guaranteed to work with any SEO Tools, Websites, Bots, Spinners and other SEO software. On Demand Proxy Rotation proxies may get banned, rotate them on demand to ensure access regardless of any blocks. Use with Any Software proxies can be used with any software that requires […]

Proxy Fish

Proxy Fish Features: High Speed + Performance High Performance Proxies with great speeds and low pings! Connectivity all around the world with great uptime! Private Proxies Only! We only sell Private & Elite anonymous proxies. This means the proxies you get are reserved and used by you and you only! Great Support We offer great […]

Microleaves Discontinuing Residential Backconnect Proxy Packages Under 25

Today Microleaves announced the discontinuation of 1, 5, 10, and 15 Residential Backconnect proxy packages. They have already removed those proxy plans from their website and will no longer continue service for existing customers under those 1/5/10/15 Residential Backconnect proxy plans. Microleaves Cancels Existing 1/5/10/15 Residential Backconnect Proxy Packages Microleaves has already canceled service on […]


Proxy.Cheap Features:

Backconnect Proxies
Private Dedicated Proxies
Private Shared Proxies
Works with any SEO Tool and Website
Lightning Fast Support
Very Fast Servers
Unlimited Bandwidth
Affordable Prices
Automated Captcha Solving OCR

Proxy.Cheap offers Dedicated, Shared, and Backconnect Proxies.

Proxy Rack

Proxy Rack Features:

Massive Proxy Network
Your subscription will access our ever growing proxy network

IP Locations
We have over 40+ countries in our proxy network

Real Support
Priority dedicated support 7 days per week

14-Day Money Back Guarantee
Risk free money back guarantee for all new customers

Automatic Proxy Replacement
Our proprietary system will auto replace any dead proxies

We support both HTTP(S) and SOCKS5 protocols

Proxy Rack offers rotating Shared Proxies.


Microleaves Features:

Private HTTP/S Dedicated Proxies
High Speed USA Based
Multiple Subnets
Non Sequential IPs
High Anonymous Proxies
Private HTTP/S Dedicated Proxies
Gigabit Speeds
Request New IPs Every 30 Days
Advanced Control Panel

Microleaves offers Dedicated, Shared, and Backconnect Proxies.

BuyCheapProxy Features: offers Shared Proxies. BuyCheapProxy Supported Services: BuyCheapProxy Supported Software: BuyCheapProxy Supported Websites: BuyCheapProxy Strictly Prohibits: BuyCheapProxy Specs & Key-Points Table: * = Observed or Directly-Inquired strike = Discontinued/Dead/Prohibited BuyCheapProxy Coupon/Promo Codes: BuyCheapProxy User Reviews: (If you have used BuyCheapProxy please leave a review below!) BuyCheapProxy Sharing & Discussion:

Lime Proxies

Lime Proxies Features:

High Performance
Works Great for high performance, multi threaded softwares.

40+ Geo Locations
Choice of several international and US geo locations

Anytime IP Refresh
Change your proxy IP on demand, as required, anytime

24/7 Support Guarantee
Round the clock technical support by phone, worldwide

Simultaneous Usage
Add as many as 25 IPs to be authenticated for proxy usage

Fully Automated Control Panel
Fully Automated control panel enables easy management

Lime Proxies offers Dedicated Proxies.


Proxy-Hub Features:

Unlimited Bandwidth
No Restriction to use any SEO tools
Social Media Friendly Proxies
Non-Sequential IP Range
Fresh IP’s every month
Quality Support

Proxy-Hub offers Shared and Dedicated Proxies.

Cloud Proxies

Cloud Proxies Features:

Worldwide Countries
Unmetered bandwidth
100% Compatibility
Elite Anonymity
Access to 250,000+ proxies
Geolocation Filter

Cloud Proxies offers Shared, Dedicated, and Backconnect Proxies.

Blazing Proxies

Blazing Proxies Features:

Unlimited Bandwidth and Threads
Automatic and Instant Delivery
Proxy Replacements
Four Countries To Choose From
TONS of Subnets
Affiliate System – 12%

Blazing Proxies offers Dedicated and Shared proxies.

Rotate IP

Rotate IP Features:

Secured Dedicated Proxies – Our dedicated proxies are secure from the security issues found when using open public unsecured shared IP addresses.
Fast Dedicated Proxies – Fast automatic dedicated proxies setup to get you connected within minutes using completely private & dedicated proxies.
Private Dedicated Proxies – We don’t store your logs. We will respect your private data and we never store logs ever, for legitimate business usage only.
Protect Privacy – Rotate your IP with private dedicated proxies in your browser or using our software.
Multiple Locations – We have all of the most popular requested private proxies in major cities.

Rotate IP only offers Dedicated Proxies.

Proxy Key

Proxy Key Features:

No toolbars or installations
Use any browser or software
Highly anonymous IPs
Username or IP based authorization
U.S. based team
Sales & technical support in one place
Emails are answered quickly
Call us during business hours
Dozens of datacenters worldwide
High performance servers
Super quick 1 GBPS speeds
99.92% historical uptime

Proxy Key offers Shared and Dedicated Proxies.


Mexela Features:

IP Diveristy – Multiple networks and cities for every package.
Fresh proxies at every 30 days – A new set is sent after the payment of the renewal invoice.
Fast proxies – We don’t oversell our proxies so you will get good speeds.
Unlimited bandwidth – Unmetered connections on the proxies.
Highly Anonymous – Elite proxy! The best level of an anonymity which a proxy can have.
100% Compatible – You can use the proxies for any legal program which accepts http proxies or https proxies.

Mexela offers Shared and Dedicated Proxies.


Proxy N VPN Features:

All proxies are anonymous.
Support both HTTPS and HTTP protocol.
Require authentication.
Offer unlimited bandwidth on 1,000Mbps connections.
Guarantee that all the proxies are ready for operation 24/7/365
Servers are fast.
Prices are some of the cheapest prices around!!!

Proxy N VPN offers Shared and Dedicated Proxies.